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This is a list of postage stamps that are especially notable in some way.

The best-known stamps:

Treskilling Yellow (Sweden)

Penny Black (Britain)

Bull's Eye (Brazil)

British Guiana 1c magenta

Mauritius "Post Office"

Inverted Jenny (United States)

Basel Dove (Switzerland)

Benjamin Franklin Z Grill (United States)

By country:

Buenos Aires 1859 1-peso tete-beche pair - unique

Inverted Swan

Red Mercury

Inverted Dendermonde

Perot provisional

Bull's Eye
Goat's Eye

British Guiana
British Guiana 1c magenta - unique

Canada 12d black
Canada 2c Large Queen on laid paper - rarest Canadian stamp
St. Lawrence Seaway invert

Cape of Good Hope
Cape 4d black Triangle
Cape 4d red error of color

Red Revenues - 1897 Provisionals

Confederate States
CSA #10 - rarest Confederate Stamp

Falkland Islands
HMS Glasgow error
The design error featured the incorrect ship, HMS Glasgow, instead of HMS Kent which should have been used. Apparently one sheet was sent to a stamp dealer in the United States who did not notice the mistake.It is believed that only the one sheet of 60 stamps was produced and only 17 stamps have been recorded (blue - error).

Finland 20k black stamped envelope - most valuable postal stationery

Ceres - France's first stamp
One franc vermilion
Black twenty centimes

Baden 9kr blue-green error of color
Bavaria one Kreuzer black
Saxony 3pf red sheet
Saxony 1/2g on light blue paper error
Vineta provisional
Yacht issue


Gibraltar 10c missing-value error

Hawaiian Missionaries - first stamps of Hawaii

Black Honduras - black airmail overprint, two known

Hong Kong
Hong Kong Jubilee 1891 - first overprinted commemorative stamp in the world
George VI - Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee 1948

Scinde Dawk - first stamps of Asia
Inverted Head Four Annas
Mahatma Gandhi 10 Rupees overprinted "SERVICE"
Duttia 1894 Issue 2 Annas with red seal - most valuable Indian Feudatory State stamp

The Rare 2d Coil

Tuscany 3-lira ocher
Tuscany 4-crazie Lion inverted tablet - unique error
Italy General Balbo triptych
Gronchi Rosa

Jamaica 1sh inverted-frame error
Jamaica 6d abolition of slavery
Jamaica 1956-58 £1 chocolate and violet
Jamaica human rights set of three

Japan 500m Dragon invert

"Khadafi" 1986 - ordinary set of 12 stamps; error in design; withdrawn from circulation few hours after the issue on 01.01.1986
"Khadafi Prize" 1994 - minisheet of 16 stamps; errors in design; not released and substituted with a correct minisheet on 31.12.1994

Mauritius "Post Office"

New Zealand
1906 Christchurch Exhibition 1d Claret Colour – miscoloured
1996 Teddy Bear Health Stamp – withdrawn because it showed an incorrect use of a car child restraint. However some were sold.
Maori Performing Arts stamps – sets of 5 stamps printed but destroyed before release after causing public offence, a very small number were sold by mistake.
1904 Pictorial 4d Lake Taupo invert- only one copy is known.

Pagsanjan Falls stamp - a postage stamp issued on 3 May 1932, which is notable for having an error.

Cap de bour - issued by the principality of Moldova in 1858

Tiflis stamp (Tiflis unique) – one of the rarest Russian stamp issued in Tiflis, Georgia (1857), only three specimens known
Red Army man – one of the rarest Russian stamp (1922-1923), only 4 specimens known
Aspidka – a very rare Russian stamp, especially if imperforate (1931), 24 imperforate specimens known
Consular tax stamp (Consular poltinnik) – a very rare 50-kopeck Russian stamp (1922), 50-75 specimens available (estimate)
Limonka – a very rare Russian stamp if in mint condition (1925)
Be a hero! – the first Russian stamp depicting a World War II motif (1941), rare
Tokyo souvenir sheet (Green block) – the first Russian numbered souvenir sheet (1964), rare
First Russian stamp – issued in 1857

Treskilling Yellow - unique error, world's record auction sales price for a postage stamp.

Basel Dove
Double Geneva
Zurich 4 and Zurich 6

Uganda Missionaries - the first stamps of Uganda, typewritten.

United Kingdom
Penny Black - world's first postage stamp
Penny Blue - Trial printings from a penny black plate
Two pence blue - issued for second rate step, at same time as Penny Black
VR official - first official stamp
Prince Consort Essay
Penny Red - improved follow-ons to the Penny Black
Archer Roulette - experimental separation of stamps
Edward VII 2d Tyrian plum - withdrawn before issue, but one used

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United States
St. Louis Bear
Alexandria "Blue Boy" Postmaster's Provisional - Unique, entire.
New York Postmaster's Provisional
1c Z grill - rarest US stamp
Black Bull - dollar value of 1898 Trans-Mississippi
Inverted Jenny - the "upside-down airplane"
Dag Hammarskjöld invert - error deliberately mass-produced
CIA invert - modern error
Pan-American invert

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Uruguay 180-centesimo Sol de Mayo red error of color - unique